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Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Some light from Fire-Flies
Happy Birthday ! 
Some from Stars and Moon
Enough to decorate the night
For there would be dawn soon

Flowers are ready to bloom
Sun-Rays would dance till Noon
Birds would sing the songs divine
For you Exist to Shine & Shine

Celebrations and Joy on your way
For you are born and it's your  Day
With closed eyes all I pray..........
May you have Happy Birthday!

Archana ~ 14-08-2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I have only one Friend who knows Archana is not Perfect...... !!!

I have many friends, I love them all and I assume that they do love me to some extent the way I do. But......

I have only one friend who can leave his all work and would rush to New Delhi Railway Station just to ensure that my Father is safe or not,  knowing Papa's phone number is switched off for past 5 hours. He would search my Father in crowded New-Delhi Railway Station, would meet him and would give me the good news that Papa was safe.

I have only one friend who would never call my tears a Drama or crocodile tears and let me cry as much as I want without asking why.

I have only one friend who always values The Time I give listening to him.

I have only one Friend who would never complain if I don't call for Months and who would understand my pain through my silence.

I have only one Friend who would accept me with all the Blunders and Mistakes I commit and allows me to commit more and who would never get tired listening the boring journey of all those mistakes/blunders at any hour of the day or night.

I have only one Friend who would donate twice Plate-lets and once Blood just in A Week for my cancer patients because I have asked him to do so. And would start volunteering with me for my cancer patients with all devotion & dedication, despite of the fact that he feels uncomfortable and uneasy at Hospitals.

I have only one Friend who trusts me completely and value my words religiously.

I have only one Friend who never let our ideological difference come in-between the serene Bond we share.

I have only one Friend who ensures that He would never stop eating Non-Veg no matter how much efforts I put in making him Vegetarian :)

I have only one friend who promised me that if I would ever suffer from Terminal Cancer, he would admit me at Shanti-Avedna (where they keep terminally ill patients till death) near Safdar-Jung Delhi and would come to visit me when nobody would be by my side while dying.

I have only one Friend who knows Archana is not perfect still accepts my all imperfections to make it a perfect Friendship.

Thanks Ashu Tosh​ for being that one Friend to me. Just realized that I have never gifted you anything till date for the bond we share is above material things. Not everybody is lucky enough to get a Gem like you.

Happy Friendship Day !!

Archana ~ 2-08-2015