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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kasab Death Sentence : Is it a Victory ?

9th May 2010
All are if Rama has killed the Ravan, Burning crackers.. dance and masti...and a lot more...and somehow I'm not  getting way to pour out my pent up emotions. I am searching an outlet since I have heard the Death Sentence of KASAB….

Today I read Harmeet's blog .( ) .Ketan suggested. Thanks to Harmeet and Ketan for giving me this platform for providing an outlet to my emotions as  I was full and was having mixed feelings over Kasab's Death Sentence. By saying this I am not supporting his very act for killing the innocent lives including small kids, elders and youth.

 In a very unorganized and unplanned manner and for no genuine reason, I placed myself at Kasab’s place and tried to feel what exactly he must be feeling at this point of time when whole world is celebrating his Death Sentence. I am sensitive..I  reached to his home, and faces of his mother and siblings started coming before me.....faces.. I had never seen..I had never known..and what’s that I suddenly found my eyes wet & my heart beats running fast. I was feeling for his mother in the same manner I had felt for the mothers and relatives of the persons he had killed.

Suddenly one by one all scenes from #Fiza (A movie on terrorism)  started coming before my eyes.. There was no death sentence in the movie..the sister herself killed her terrorist brother. And in random flow I was capturing every single emotion , I could ...of his family ..of his relatives..of the people he might be known to..but without ignoring his unforgivable deeds. I even tried feeling for a second what if he would have been my own child..yes I did..for feelings can take you to any extent and I was flawlessly moving with all the feelings..with a fear that if I will express slightest part of these feelings ..their words will torture me with their sarcasm the way they do to the people who call themselves secular......I don't know I was thinking all in the name of secularism or I was just trying to apply my all principles of Human development on Kasab's meaningless dying existence.

I am not able to forgive Kasab for what he had done but at the same time I don't consider His Death Sentence-A Big Success as  don't we know that he never did all this for his personal interest, rather he was the part of a planned conspiracy ? He is just 20 or 21..May be a well grown adult in world's eyes and have acquired Formal operations according to theory of cognitive development by Piaget but suddenly I found myself discovering a kid hidden in him who was conditioned to the extent that dint even realize that he was involved in killing innocent lives. for him He was on a great mission and was supposed to be called a martyr after finishing the mission. Then whats making Mr. Ujjawal Nikam to show such big teeth , as if Mr. Nikam has successfully finished the whole Army of terrorists ?

They all were celebrating on a victory..and here I am wishing silently if I could tell them that it’s not a victory as I know my saying a word may make them assume that I have accepted Islam and favoring Terrorism. For me his death or no death, as such makes no difference as far as there is no guaranty that there wouldn't be any other bomb blast in India. It was not at all the VICTORY..just by killing one person from the whole ARMY of those conspirators. Are we entitled to celebrate a big success that too when they have almost conquered the mission by killing more than 166 people and creating terror among hearts of our people and still process of making 1000 such Kasabz is ongoing ????

The reasons, for which I feel that Kasab should be given death sentence is ----His life has already cost a lot to all of us, in terms of money and man power and keeping him alive is risky as a second Kandhar case may be repeated for the demand of releasing him..Also his existence will keep reminding the loss he has given to us and will never give him back the same peace of mind. Hanging till Death will give him a pain for few minutes but surviving with such a stinking existence will be more painful to a way fair Justice(Death Sentence) will provide him the ultimate eternal peace and Rest His Allah will take care of him on the day of Qyamat.

They are calling him killing machine...a terrorist, and so many such names which describe his insanity ..and on the other hand they are showing their insane celebration , don't know what for..especially when he was just drop of the whole sea of Terrorism and even if that drop will be dried the sea will remain the same. 

9th May 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Random thoughts...,..

I recently had a terrible incident in Bus while traveling from Delhi to UP during night ( 7pm to 10pm) The person who misbehaved with me was Hindu with big teeka on his forehead and I could guess through his conversation that he belongs to RSS and supports BJP. The only person who stood for me in bus was a Muslim , rest hindus were just sitting and watching the tamasha and listening silently what all abusive language the man was offering to me just coz I asked him to remove his hands.

Woman has no religion when she gets harassed and man has no religion when he makes her his target. No value system works against the filthy and lusty intentions of men, who else knows it better other then me. Being a woman my senses are now trained enough to identify such men..why to go far..they are often the faces of your own cousins and family members.

I am from typical Brahmin family...Amma doesn't even let onion come in her kitchen but i dint see even a single man in my family who doesn't use the Maa-Bahan ki Gaali (abusive language for mothers and sister --men often use viz Mother F**ker etc.) Is it also because of Muslim invasion ? Why to hurt other man, one has to abuse his mother or sister?

You must be knowing about Dev-Daasi pratha. Is this the way of respecting women dignity? aren't we adding one more filthy dimension to prostitution in a Godly package? Again, Muslims have nothing to do with it.

Sons are considered to carry the family tree and He is the one who can offer Agni at cremation ceremony , that is the main reason Hindus want one son in the family...not because to save their daughters from Muslim invaders. I don't know about south but come and see the condition in North. I have worked at grass root levels and seen how do they discriminate between boys and gals.

Islaam has polluted our roots, I agree but at the same time there are so many loopholes in the Hinduism we are following right now. Be it Ramayana or Mahabharta ..rights of women are always being violated in one or the other form. It was only Sita who had to give agni pariksha just because a Dhobi had doubts and had to go to jungle just coz her husband feels it right ? Did anybody ask what Sita ji wanted?

Why Draupadi had to have five husbands? just coz her mother-in-law asked her sons to distribute her amongst themselves ? why Dushashan had to remove her sari just coz Yudhister looses her in gambling ? Did any body get bothered about Draupadi's wish? Its an unending debate and I know just coz I have pointed it out I'll be questioned by men, for a woman is supposed to be mum for a good number of reasons and foremost reason is to maintain a decent decorum.

I know all I am writing over here is totally unorganized... Thoughts are just hitting me badly from one platform to another..lots of pent-up hidden thoughts eager to come out...coz this unending war a woman keep fighting from one stage to another can never be described in words.

Irony is that when testosterone gets triggered in a man to the extent that he is not able to control it, he forgets his religion & caste and eagerly search his target to calm it down. No religion and value system ever could help such men.

Cast-ism also is biggest black spot in Hinduism which I am sure, none of our Veda-Puraan supports (I have not studied Veda--but willing to do soon) Already woman suffers a lot and if she is a Dalit woman her sufferings are double. (Seen from my own eyes in villages of Rajasthan, UP, Uttrakhand , Delhi, Tamil-Nadu)

There is a strong need to introspect our own loop holes and developing correction processes to remove them rather then comparing ourselves with others, for before raising a finger we need to check may be more fingers are at our side........

Feeling like writing and writing :) but my office things need my attention... just a Random
Thanks and Regards..

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Warriors !

A warrior is always aware of what is worth fighting for. He does not go into combat over things that do not concern him, and he never waste his time over provocations.

A warrior accepts defeat. He does not treat it as a matter of indifference, nor does he attempt to transform it into a victory. The pain of defeat is bitter to him; he suffers at indifference and becomes desperate with lloneliness. After all this has passed, he licks his wound and begins everything anew. A warriors knows that war is made of many battles ; he goes on....

Each of you will give yourselves a new name, beginning at this very moment. This will be the sacred name the brings togather in a single word all that you have dreamed of fighting for. For my name, I have Chosen Liberation.

Source : The Fifth Mountain By Paulo Coelho   
 My warriors : My Friends  
We all are on our way towards a battle ground, ready to fight for every single dimension life is offering to us. Its not important we are getting victory of  defeat..whats important is we are participating. On the other hand , we never fight to defeat..the very human nature and cognitive abilities we possess always try us to move forward for getting success in every single battle associated to our day to day life.Hoping for victory is genuine but that doesn't mean there should not be any room for defeat with in us. Pain of defeat burns a fire within us and Warriors keeps that fire burning within them and keep moving coz the moment the battle will will be a real death to of them.

Tomorrow, you all must be facing one of the important battles of your life. Take it serious else you will be making fun of all those sleepless nights and long working hours you have devoted to get through in the various exams life is offering you on day to day basis. Even Lord Krishna has said to Arjun in Geeta ..."Don't be scared of your enemies and fight.." and here Your biggest enemy is scariness itself.

Nervousness, anxiety, fear..lack of confidence . they all are welcoming you with a smiling face..a sarcastic smile...Don't let them laugh at you, smile at you..For you are prepared equally for defeat and the victory. You all have tightened your belts to enter in the battle field, so why to worry and why to fear..

I consider all of you my great warriors, and for me your victory is that you all are fighting. I am not in the field with you all..but my invisible presence is there as at every second I am keeping an eye on your biggest enemies....Nervousness, anxiety, fear, lack of confidence....I know they wont be able to stand in front of you for a longer period of time.

Its just a battle..adding to biggest WAR of your lives. I am with you and if my presence really matters in the battles of your lives, I am capable of handling all your Nervousness, anxiety, fear, anything that's coming between you and your very my very soul is associated to the Supreme Power that is guiding the whole universe...and I am sure that will guide you too. All you have to do is to identify that supreme power that is hidden somewhere within yourself.

Give yourself a new name to discover your new identity....for me I have given you all a new name.....Warriors who are on their way to identify the Truth of their very Soul...


Sunday, October 10, 2010

26/11 : A Reflection

Today am really feeling bad, we have become so much insensitive towards humanity. our senses work till we find out all our near one are fine and living in peace. I also did the the morning called all my friends to whom I am close, that they all are fine or not? and after that again got myself engaged in my daily routine work.

But I am really feeling hurt today for my existence..for this kind of life we struggle to live, which is offering everyday new means to feel insecure and helping in developing immunity towards the destruction of Human Race. I am sad, and I mean it.. We (including my weak existence) can just talk of unity, harmony, and integrity but finally our efforts are limited to the ones we care for. Nobody is worried as such to find out the root cause, and nobody is in unity in real sense..all we do is just living in superficial manner and on our way to seek temporary security , just to console ourselves that we are secure. But are we secure?

Talks about getting settled with some one , getting married, getting a good job, a blooming career, having a luxurious life, a home, a car, name , fame...and everything associated with so called security seems so immaterial..when there is a big question mark against the very fundamental right .."Right to Live" .. Leave other countries,we are not even safe with in our home country and in the name of security learning to get conditioned for living in such an insecure environment......when what all matter to us is to check it out whether our near and dear ones are safe after blast or not and once we are convinced that they are , our responsibility is over.

I know, I am speaking here and I did the same....but today my heart is really crying out louder for my helplessness as I am not able to unite or collect any strength to fight back against this system...and we will never be able to, unless we will come out of our circle of near and dear ones and will start thinking on a broader platform. I am numb and not even aware what all I am writing..just feeling like screaming out to the society...Will it ever be able to provide us SECURITY in any form and How long we will be indulged in this very process of torturing our ownselves..

.Are we really exercising our Right to Life or we are trying to add a new right to Universal Declaration of Human Rights ....Right to Death .