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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Do they care actually..... ?

When you get
a surprised attention,
a touch of concern
from those abusive
tongues and
indifferent eyes....

You get lost in
the blank spaces of horizon
They are the one
who walked away,
They are the one
who closed all the doors...

Then they appear
suddenly, calmly..
and leave you confused
with the baffled warmth
you ask yourself carefully...
Do they care actually.....?

Archana ~

Monday, December 2, 2013


A secure feeling 
of being insecure, 
Silence of a death 
in the noises around

Hearing own heart-beats 
and deaf to the world. 
Dancing on fortune
on clueless tune...
carelessly, fearlessly, aimlessly.

Passing moments, 
creating the emptiness,
Nothing more, 
nothing less.....

Everything is new, 
in the trap of old. 
A hot shattered life, 
experiencing the cold...... 

Archana ~ 02-12-2013 

Words ..... !!!

Words that were said.
Words that were framed.
Words that trapped your heart.
Words that were too smart.
Now left you empty, teared you apart.

Words then created mystic illusions.
Words now cleared all confusions.
Words then smoothed all the pain
Words now don't sound the same
Then bridged the gap, now a tight slap.

Words were then and words are now
Removing all the doubts, somehow......
Transition, transformation, sublimation
Creation, connection, destruction...
Words on move, striving high for Liberation.

Archana ~ 01-12-2013