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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I - The Warrior !

Step by Steps
I am
Going to bridge
All my fears
All my gaps
For I am
The Warrior
Who keeps walking
Let it be Water
Let it be Land



Tuesday, September 29, 2015

तुम और मैं ..... !!

तुम गति
मैं धारा
तुम बहाव
मैं किनारा
तुम अनंत
मैं क्षितिज
तुम अथाह
मैं विदित
आकर्षण निश्चित है
और संघर्ष भी .......

~ अर्चना
28 - 09 - 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015

बस वो एक पल .... !!

ऋतु अधीर है मन चंचल है एक हलचल मर्यादा के अंतःकरण में एक भगदड़ तन के कण कण में विस्मित आँखें मौन से झाँके हो जाता कुछ भी एक पल में 

~ अर्चना


विस्मित हूँ मैं
हर पल की रची
एक नयी रचना
को देख
कितनी बदल गयी
हूँ मैं
हर अगले पल
हो जाती हूँ
कुछ और बेहतर
कुछ और विशेष 

~ अर्चना
26 - 09- 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2015


तुम्हें स्थापित कर लिया है,
मन में,अंत:करन में..
तुम्हारी अनुपस्थिति अब,
 विचलित नहीं करती,
 तन की नश्वरता अब,
चिंतित नहीं करती...!

~ अर्चना

जब रात...!

जब रात आँखों में टिमटिमाती है
और मैं बहने लगती हूँ नदी सी
आँखों के संकरे कोनो से
मुझमें डुबकियाँ लगाते चाँद-तारे
थोड़ा और निखर जाते हैं!

~ अर्चना

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I have only one Friend who knows Archana is not Perfect...... !!!

I have many friends, I love them all and I assume that they do love me to some extent the way I do. But......

I have only one friend who can leave his all work and would rush to New Delhi Railway Station just to ensure that my Father is safe or not,  knowing Papa's phone number is switched off for past 5 hours. He would search my Father in crowded New-Delhi Railway Station, would meet him and would give me the good news that Papa was safe.

I have only one friend who would never call my tears a Drama or crocodile tears and let me cry as much as I want without asking why.

I have only one friend who always values The Time I give listening to him.

I have only one Friend who would never complain if I don't call for Months and who would understand my pain through my silence.

I have only one Friend who would accept me with all the Blunders and Mistakes I commit and allows me to commit more and who would never get tired listening the boring journey of all those mistakes/blunders at any hour of the day or night.

I have only one Friend who would donate twice Plate-lets and once Blood just in A Week for my cancer patients because I have asked him to do so. And would start volunteering with me for my cancer patients with all devotion & dedication, despite of the fact that he feels uncomfortable and uneasy at Hospitals.

I have only one Friend who trusts me completely and value my words religiously.

I have only one Friend who never let our ideological difference come in-between the serene Bond we share.

I have only one Friend who ensures that He would never stop eating Non-Veg no matter how much efforts I put in making him Vegetarian :)

I have only one friend who promised me that if I would ever suffer from Terminal Cancer, he would admit me at Shanti-Avedna (where they keep terminally ill patients till death) near Safdar-Jung Delhi and would come to visit me when nobody would be by my side while dying.

I have only one Friend who knows Archana is not perfect still accepts my all imperfections to make it a perfect Friendship.

Thanks Ashu Tosh​ for being that one Friend to me. Just realized that I have never gifted you anything till date for the bond we share is above material things. Not everybody is lucky enough to get a Gem like you.

Happy Friendship Day !!

Archana ~ 2-08-2015 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Yakub Memon Hanged !

Yakub Memon Hanged. It's not a violation of Human Rights for Humans don't get involved hundreds of innocent killings consciously. I myself an active Human Rights activist and do believe that every Human Being has not only Right to Life but Right to Life with Dignity.  I am also against the death penalty but not for the reasons quoted by Human Rights Defenders but for I believe death penalty is an easy punishment for Terrorists who are constantly involved in planning and executing killings of innocent Humans. Such class of Terrorists deserves no mercy for their criminal psychology is far away from the comprehension and understanding of true meaning of mercy.

Terrorists are not Humans, they are simply Terrorists and their only aim is to create terror among the innocent civilians. A convicted Terrorist has no Right to carry on with his life on the cost of same innocent civilians and tax payers who they kill with their merciless planning of killing innocents. I agree that Yakub Memon should not be hanged rather there should be more intense punishment for such Terrorists who get convicted for planning and taking away innocent lives just coz they derive pleasure by doing so. 

Criminal Psychology must be addressed by creating the culture of Human Rights right from the onset of thoughts among young kids. Criminal Psychology must be addressed by conditioning the vulnerable young mind for peace and solidarity right from early childhood. We can not address the Criminal Psychology by feeding the Killer Criminals daily bread in the name of Right to Live for Killers are not Humans. Young generation must not get the misleading message in the cover of Human Rights.

Yakub Memon hanged and It's neither a Victory nor a Celebration of Death. It was simply a constitutional duty for the 250 innocent Lives his heinous planning took away and many innocent lives he made handicapped for living a normal comfortable life.

 ~ Archana - 30-07-2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

मैं.... !!!

मेरी हर शिक़स्त है
तेरी नज़र-ए -रफ़त
मेरी हर बग़ावत
तेरा नूर है
तेरी क़ायनात का
मैं कोहीनूर
मेरी शख्शियत
तेरा गुरूर है..  !

जो मैं हूँ तो हूँ
मेरा सिरफिरा जुनूँ
तेरे कारवाँ से अलग-थलग
मैं खुद के नशे में चूर हूँ
जो तू है बुलंद
दूर आसमान तक
मैं ज़मीं पे उड़ने में
 मशहूर हूँ  .... !

अर्चना ~

Monday, May 11, 2015

माँ याद तो तेरी आती है ... !

माँ याद तो तेरी आती है 

तुझे गये
साल हो गये, पर 
झिल -मिल तारों में अब भी 
तेरी हँसी खनक जाती है 

माँ याद तो तेरी आती है 

बड़ी हो गयी हूँ
कितनी अब, पर 
तेरी कहानियाँ चुपके से 
सपनों में अब भी आती हैं 

माँ याद तो तेरी आती है 

हँसती हूँ 
बातें करती हूँ, पर 
शाम को जब सूरज ढलता है 
आँखें रोज़ छलक जातीं हैं 

माँ  याद तो तेरी आती है 

तू गयी नहीं है 
यहीं कहीं है पर 
तेरी गोदी में छिपने को 
मेरी जान मचल जाती है 

माँ याद तो तेरी आती है 



Saturday, April 11, 2015

11th April 2015 : 25th Death Anniversary of Mummy...

11th April 2015 : 25th Death Anniversary of Mummy... 
Sometimes even 25 years don't fade away a single memory, don't dilute a single emotion, especially when it's connection of your existence to the one who has created you.... Your Mother. 
Wrote this poem on 11th April 1997 for Mummy 
हरी दूब पर गिरी 
ओस की बूँदों के
स्पर्श का कोमल एहसास
या धरती की
तपन को मिटाती
वर्षा की रिमझिम फुहार
और भी आकर्षक व
और भी अर्थपूर्ण
हो जाते हैं....
जब घुल जाता है इनमें
तेरा असीम प्यार
ममता का निश्छल विश्वास...!

 ~ अर्चना 11-04-1997

Sunday, March 29, 2015

पैसेंजर ट्रेन सी जिंदगी....

पैसेंजर ट्रेन सी जिंदगी
ना जाने और कितने
स्टेशनों से गुजरेगी 
रफ्तार थम गई है 
ट्रेन थक गई है 
धधकते कोयले 
धक्का देने को आमादा हैं
थकान का वजूद 
धुएं में उड़ रहा है 
ट्रेन का सिगनल 
दूसरे स्टेशन से 
जुड़ रहा है.....!

 ~ अर्चना 29-03-2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

प्यार..... !!

इज़हार करने का तरीका
बदल गया हो शायद...
अल्फाज़ भी
बदल गये हों शायद...
प्यार करने की तबीयत
प्यार करने की सीरत
प्यार करने की नीयत
प्यार करने की कहानी
प्यार करने की मनमानी
प्यार करने की रवानी
प्यार करने की रवायत
प्यार करने की नज़ाकत
प्यार करने की हिमाकत
अब भी पिछला
लिबास पहने हैं
प्यार करने वाले
बदल गये होंगे
प्यार के फलसफे
अब भी नहीं बदले हैं... 

~ अर्चना