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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Yakub Memon Hanged !

Yakub Memon Hanged. It's not a violation of Human Rights for Humans don't get involved hundreds of innocent killings consciously. I myself an active Human Rights activist and do believe that every Human Being has not only Right to Life but Right to Life with Dignity.  I am also against the death penalty but not for the reasons quoted by Human Rights Defenders but for I believe death penalty is an easy punishment for Terrorists who are constantly involved in planning and executing killings of innocent Humans. Such class of Terrorists deserves no mercy for their criminal psychology is far away from the comprehension and understanding of true meaning of mercy.

Terrorists are not Humans, they are simply Terrorists and their only aim is to create terror among the innocent civilians. A convicted Terrorist has no Right to carry on with his life on the cost of same innocent civilians and tax payers who they kill with their merciless planning of killing innocents. I agree that Yakub Memon should not be hanged rather there should be more intense punishment for such Terrorists who get convicted for planning and taking away innocent lives just coz they derive pleasure by doing so. 

Criminal Psychology must be addressed by creating the culture of Human Rights right from the onset of thoughts among young kids. Criminal Psychology must be addressed by conditioning the vulnerable young mind for peace and solidarity right from early childhood. We can not address the Criminal Psychology by feeding the Killer Criminals daily bread in the name of Right to Live for Killers are not Humans. Young generation must not get the misleading message in the cover of Human Rights.

Yakub Memon hanged and It's neither a Victory nor a Celebration of Death. It was simply a constitutional duty for the 250 innocent Lives his heinous planning took away and many innocent lives he made handicapped for living a normal comfortable life.

 ~ Archana - 30-07-2015

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