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Monday, September 24, 2018

जैसे पहली बारिश..... !

बारिश के बाद धूप....
और फिर धूप में बारिश...
बूंदों के आलस में बह रहा है
भीगा गुलमोहर......
और मैं
रूई सी हल्की हो गयी हूँ
बारिश हो रही है...
थोड़ी सी मैं भी भीग गयी हूँ.... 💕 💕
~ अर्चना

Monday, August 7, 2017

When you become the wait....!

You don't wait
and become the wait
the spark of those
smoky deep eyes
comes back
to cheer you up
to stimulate
that now you are free
you don't have to wait

You don't wait
but become the wait
The fight of that
bouncing heart
settles down
to gear you up
to congratulate
that now you are free
You don't have to wait....

You don't wait
But you become the wait....!

~ Archana

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

नदी बह रही है...

बात तेरे होने की
या तुझे अपना
बनाने की नहीं है
बात समझने की
या समझाने की भी
नहीं है
बात इतनी सी है कि
नदी बह रही है
और हम भी

~ अर्चना

Pain and Pen

Pain and Pen

Maybe that
is my super power
I can inhale pain
and breath out poetry.
-- John Mark Green

Those who write intense, effective and hitting, they often subscribe pain to empower their pen. I do the same to cherish my journey with ink, pen and paper. The entire process is fierce and beyond words.

Moreover it's the matter of unwinding the mysterious layers hidden within deep inside. Sensitivity or I must say some times over sensitivity is another tool that beautifully works to keep you going with words dipped in ink, black, green or blue.. that hardly matters.

You need a hammer of humiliation, betrayal, insensitivity, dishonesty and escape to shape your expressions. Floating eyes usually strengthen the weak neurons for transmitting immense energy to the entire nervous system. That energy floats in your words.

For the same reason Mahadevi Verma sings "मेरे सूने जीवन में ना देना तृप्ति का कण भर ~ रहने दो प्यासी आँखें भरती आँसू के सागर" (Don't try to satiate my lonely life, let my thirsty eyes remain filled with sea of tears). And for the same reason great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung confirms that, "There is no coming to consciousness without pain".

We have historical evidences to endorse that broken hearts are more powerful to empower the kingdom of literature and to me this sounds amazing to belong to the same creed. Pain when bleeds through your pen, you succeed to feed your restless soul with peace.

~ Archana

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Public Transport

Public Transport

Public transport, because of course it's economical, especially for students and common country men. Public transport because no matter you get a seat or you don't get one, any how you acquire your space. Public transport, because you love reading stories and adding them to your story box.

The journey of hope and tiny joys starts as soon as you enter inside the bus or your local train/metro. Ya... hope to get a seat if you are standing and joy after grabbing the one. Hope to get a nice companion who you can communicate either in silence or in words and joy of conversing your heart.

You suddenly forget your own story line and automatically get entered into the sea of stories swimming around you. Happy faces, sad faces, talking faces, quiet faces, eager faces, lost faces, worried faces, anxious faces, rich faces, poor faces, hyper faces, relaxed faces.. combined with enormous gestures and postures.

Each face tells you a story and you flawlessly become part of those faces, part of those self expressive stories. Conducter informs that your destination has come and you get back to the time line of your story and journey goes on.....

~ Archana



There comes a point when all you want is to observe silence. No complaints either from life or from others, no justifications, no clarifications. You consciously become aware that insensitivity is increasing and sense of responsibility is decreasing. You accept it and move on. You silently absorb the bitterness around and limit your horizons to yourselves. Suddenly you become damn sure that silent realizations are better than screamy conversations. You find peace within. Silence that consoles you, silence that holds you, silence that protects you, silence that calms your inner storm, silence that genuinely keeps you warm, finally you embrace that silence with all your grace to pamper your sensitivity that other often crush with all humiliation and arrogance. Sense of reciprocating is replacing the sense of offending. Convenience is dominating and becoming cool. Silence is what you decide to upheld your pride within your kingdom of solitude.
Silence is what you choose.


Sunday, July 30, 2017



Journey because it reminds you your flow so that you dont stagnate in insensitivity around you. Journey because you deserve all your attention, and all your focus on you. Journey because you depart to stay connected with original you. Journey because when you move, you remove the scars of time. Journey because you belong to the universe of change. Journey because you remain to sustain the bruises and pain.

~ Archana