Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Pain and Pen

Pain and Pen

Maybe that
is my super power
I can inhale pain
and breath out poetry.
-- John Mark Green

Those who write intense, effective and hitting, they often subscribe pain to empower their pen. I do the same to cherish my journey with ink, pen and paper. The entire process is fierce and beyond words.

Moreover it's the matter of unwinding the mysterious layers hidden within deep inside. Sensitivity or I must say some times over sensitivity is another tool that beautifully works to keep you going with words dipped in ink, black, green or blue.. that hardly matters.

You need a hammer of humiliation, betrayal, insensitivity, dishonesty and escape to shape your expressions. Floating eyes usually strengthen the weak neurons for transmitting immense energy to the entire nervous system. That energy floats in your words.

For the same reason Mahadevi Verma sings "मेरे सूने जीवन में ना देना तृप्ति का कण भर ~ रहने दो प्यासी आँखें भरती आँसू के सागर" (Don't try to satiate my lonely life, let my thirsty eyes remain filled with sea of tears). And for the same reason great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung confirms that, "There is no coming to consciousness without pain".

We have historical evidences to endorse that broken hearts are more powerful to empower the kingdom of literature and to me this sounds amazing to belong to the same creed. Pain when bleeds through your pen, you succeed to feed your restless soul with peace.

~ Archana

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