Tuesday, August 1, 2017



There comes a point when all you want is to observe silence. No complaints either from life or from others, no justifications, no clarifications. You consciously become aware that insensitivity is increasing and sense of responsibility is decreasing. You accept it and move on. You silently absorb the bitterness around and limit your horizons to yourselves. Suddenly you become damn sure that silent realizations are better than screamy conversations. You find peace within. Silence that consoles you, silence that holds you, silence that protects you, silence that calms your inner storm, silence that genuinely keeps you warm, finally you embrace that silence with all your grace to pamper your sensitivity that other often crush with all humiliation and arrogance. Sense of reciprocating is replacing the sense of offending. Convenience is dominating and becoming cool. Silence is what you decide to upheld your pride within your kingdom of solitude.
Silence is what you choose.


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