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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Complex Profile

 When you don't get tired of waiting, you develop a stubborn stability within you. Depth is so deep that even you are not aware how far and how long you can dig within. You want and you don't get it but you never stop wanting and get settled with your wants. No, its not frustration of not getting rather its motivation for keep wanting. The relationship between your wants and you gets strengthened consistently. Its extraordinarily beautiful to see yourself from distance developing into a complex reservoir of energy beyond the understanding of ordinary brains. Words create mess around you and silence screams inside you. Its amazingly awesome to realize that you would never be able to crack yourself in the purview of universe. You are left with your own mysterious smiles, as you always knew your are a Complex Profile.

~ Archana 

Friday, August 12, 2016


यज्ञ की आहुती हूँ
जलकर भस्म होना
नियति है
हवा में घुलकर
प्राणों में संचारित होना

~ अर्चना

My Religion

A blank page Some ink and A pen Few rituals of fingers & brain this is how it looks... My Religion is
to be a Book!

~ Archana

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


रक्त के साथ
धमनियों में
प्रवाहित हो
निर्रथक है
तुम्हारा सानिध्य मिलना
या ना मिलना

मौन कड़ी है
शब्दों की अस्मिता
और भावनाओं 
की अखंडता 
के संघर्ष की, निश्चय ही 
समर्पण अतार्किक है !! 

~ अर्चना 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fabric of Love !

It was almost 15 days sky was pouring madly with no avail. She had always liked rains but when existence starts sinking leaving floating covers at surface with no breathing, it scares and you are left with a deep feeling to be with someone who understands you in utter silence where mere looking in each other's eyes sync everything in unison. That flow where nobody has to as such channelize the pool of energy in communicating the connections two living beings share on the rough surface of life.

So much of green was everywhere except the places within her that were beyond the vicinity of human eyes rhyming with every beat of Rain she inhales with wet fresh air. He looked away and said "I am busy building the fort of life with thunderous clamour". She smiled and kept looking in his deep blank eyes to decode the mysteries that often leave her startled. She loved this process of swinging in-between her two equal halves, one that connects her to the unsolved mystery and other that reminds reality of desires & longings.

He was unreachable and she was uncontrollable. Desires keep the fire burning to ignite the substance of life and oxymoron keep adding the fuel to sustain the process. She longs and she consoles, she desires and she consoles. Cycle goes on in cycles and she goes on with cycles. Sky was full of black clouds and thunder confirmed that it would rain again for hours. Don't know how, rains have this special ability to revive you into new someone. You suddenly start doing things you never did and this new courage changes all the previous definitions of threat, danger, risk, fear, dos, don't etc.

With her naked soul she was busy weaving the fabric of love. She was aware, one day he would be wearing her love and she would be living in his fort. And now she knew she would go on for she was the warrior who often wins the battles of hearts.

~ Archana

Friday, August 5, 2016

कभी कभी

कभी कभी मौन
स्तब्ध कर देता है
और शब्द अचंभित
घनघोर बरसती आँखें
सुखाने लगती हैं
धमनियों के रक्त को
और हृदय धड़कनों से 
संन्यास ले लेता है

कभी कभी कुछ भी
होने लगता है
अनायास .... !! 

~ अर्चना 

Thursday, August 4, 2016


मिलन, विछोह
मोह, अवसाद
क्षोभ या विद्रोह
जीने की तत्परता
को भंग नहीं करते
उत्सुकता कड़ी है
वर्तमान व भविष्य
के समायोजन की
जीवन की निरंतरता
अज्ञात में निहित है
और सार्थकता ..... 
शून्य में  .. !! 

~ अर्चना