Sunday, October 10, 2010

26/11 : A Reflection

Today am really feeling bad, we have become so much insensitive towards humanity. our senses work till we find out all our near one are fine and living in peace. I also did the the morning called all my friends to whom I am close, that they all are fine or not? and after that again got myself engaged in my daily routine work.

But I am really feeling hurt today for my existence..for this kind of life we struggle to live, which is offering everyday new means to feel insecure and helping in developing immunity towards the destruction of Human Race. I am sad, and I mean it.. We (including my weak existence) can just talk of unity, harmony, and integrity but finally our efforts are limited to the ones we care for. Nobody is worried as such to find out the root cause, and nobody is in unity in real sense..all we do is just living in superficial manner and on our way to seek temporary security , just to console ourselves that we are secure. But are we secure?

Talks about getting settled with some one , getting married, getting a good job, a blooming career, having a luxurious life, a home, a car, name , fame...and everything associated with so called security seems so immaterial..when there is a big question mark against the very fundamental right .."Right to Live" .. Leave other countries,we are not even safe with in our home country and in the name of security learning to get conditioned for living in such an insecure environment......when what all matter to us is to check it out whether our near and dear ones are safe after blast or not and once we are convinced that they are , our responsibility is over.

I know, I am speaking here and I did the same....but today my heart is really crying out louder for my helplessness as I am not able to unite or collect any strength to fight back against this system...and we will never be able to, unless we will come out of our circle of near and dear ones and will start thinking on a broader platform. I am numb and not even aware what all I am writing..just feeling like screaming out to the society...Will it ever be able to provide us SECURITY in any form and How long we will be indulged in this very process of torturing our ownselves..

.Are we really exercising our Right to Life or we are trying to add a new right to Universal Declaration of Human Rights ....Right to Death .



  1. Hello, ma'am!

    Congratulations on your first blog post!

    I would say that you need not be so disturbed or ashamed. There's nothing wrong with being worried mostly about only those who you love. Really!

    The way this works is simple. Even those people who you do not worry about, must have someone who worries about them, right?

    Why should you really be worried about people who you'd never met, or had no feelings about in the first place? While, this might sound cruel or very 'bad', the fact is we need this kind of honesty.

    Lot of our problems are simply related to rampant hypocrisy.

    As to the other part of your problem - the risk posed by massive attacks (usually religion-guided), I can only say that it worries me too. I find every human life lost because of silly superstitions as the worst thing that can happen.

    But what can you or I do? We need to recognize our limitations. Unfortunately, people in India are not very much into reading. In the Western World people like Dawkins are making people think, ask right questions and give up their religious beliefs.

    We can only wait till there's greater spread of education and people become more rational. There is not much you or I can do - that is a sad fact.

    Take care.

  2. Good read, Archie. You spoke the truth there.

    Welcome to the blogworld, by the way. Hope you keep churning such thought-provoking articles again and again. Procrastination is rampant here! :P Good luck. :)

  3. A very touching post and a perfect reflection of the world we live in. Its the voice of a common man who is not able to get it why his life is at stake for no fault of his. Just hope that better sense prevail and sanity returns.

    Akhtar Hussain

  4. @Ketan Thanks a Lot Ketan for all the motivation,and support,only because of that I could voice my views here. I wrote this..just after 26/11 with tearful eyes and was sad in real sense for my helplessness and lack of confidence. Just wrote in a flow ..which I often do... and I value your words as always & agree too. :)

  5. @lost_scotoma thanks a lot dear for stopping here.. I am just a beginner and all credit goes to @ketpan for bringing me here. It was just impromptue after 26/11 : A true story of my being helpless and selfish creature..All I could do was ....just shedding tears for the one I never know in person but somewhere connected as Human.

  6. @akhtar Thanks Aktar. Dont how far we all will go in developing immunity towards such things..m scared and worried but it cant help..and that makes me more sad and cycle goes on and on....

  7. Welcome to the Blog World.

    Very Touching: "I know, I am speaking here and I did the same....but today my heart is really crying out louder for my helplessness as I am not able to unite or collect any strength to fight back against this system."

    When we say my heart is really crying out for my helplessness, it, according to my belief, is a sign of hope. The next step is to educate people around us that if Khuda Na Khasta this situation arises in our vicinity, what we should do.

    Now Oxford Dictionary will add the following synonyms.
    Archie = Archetna = Archana = Chetna

  8. @Dinesh Thanks a lot Dinesh for your views. Loved the way you have done the detail analysis of my Name. When Ketan asked me to start writing a Blog, the only word came to my mind was "Chetna" , as if Ketan was trying to make me awake from a sleeping state... so Archana got the Chetna and became Archetna :) Nice na :)

  9. I love this post! The best piece you've wriiten! :)