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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kasab Death Sentence : Is it a Victory ?

9th May 2010
All are if Rama has killed the Ravan, Burning crackers.. dance and masti...and a lot more...and somehow I'm not  getting way to pour out my pent up emotions. I am searching an outlet since I have heard the Death Sentence of KASAB….

Today I read Harmeet's blog .( ) .Ketan suggested. Thanks to Harmeet and Ketan for giving me this platform for providing an outlet to my emotions as  I was full and was having mixed feelings over Kasab's Death Sentence. By saying this I am not supporting his very act for killing the innocent lives including small kids, elders and youth.

 In a very unorganized and unplanned manner and for no genuine reason, I placed myself at Kasab’s place and tried to feel what exactly he must be feeling at this point of time when whole world is celebrating his Death Sentence. I am sensitive..I  reached to his home, and faces of his mother and siblings started coming before me.....faces.. I had never seen..I had never known..and what’s that I suddenly found my eyes wet & my heart beats running fast. I was feeling for his mother in the same manner I had felt for the mothers and relatives of the persons he had killed.

Suddenly one by one all scenes from #Fiza (A movie on terrorism)  started coming before my eyes.. There was no death sentence in the movie..the sister herself killed her terrorist brother. And in random flow I was capturing every single emotion , I could ...of his family ..of his relatives..of the people he might be known to..but without ignoring his unforgivable deeds. I even tried feeling for a second what if he would have been my own child..yes I did..for feelings can take you to any extent and I was flawlessly moving with all the feelings..with a fear that if I will express slightest part of these feelings ..their words will torture me with their sarcasm the way they do to the people who call themselves secular......I don't know I was thinking all in the name of secularism or I was just trying to apply my all principles of Human development on Kasab's meaningless dying existence.

I am not able to forgive Kasab for what he had done but at the same time I don't consider His Death Sentence-A Big Success as  don't we know that he never did all this for his personal interest, rather he was the part of a planned conspiracy ? He is just 20 or 21..May be a well grown adult in world's eyes and have acquired Formal operations according to theory of cognitive development by Piaget but suddenly I found myself discovering a kid hidden in him who was conditioned to the extent that dint even realize that he was involved in killing innocent lives. for him He was on a great mission and was supposed to be called a martyr after finishing the mission. Then whats making Mr. Ujjawal Nikam to show such big teeth , as if Mr. Nikam has successfully finished the whole Army of terrorists ?

They all were celebrating on a victory..and here I am wishing silently if I could tell them that it’s not a victory as I know my saying a word may make them assume that I have accepted Islam and favoring Terrorism. For me his death or no death, as such makes no difference as far as there is no guaranty that there wouldn't be any other bomb blast in India. It was not at all the VICTORY..just by killing one person from the whole ARMY of those conspirators. Are we entitled to celebrate a big success that too when they have almost conquered the mission by killing more than 166 people and creating terror among hearts of our people and still process of making 1000 such Kasabz is ongoing ????

The reasons, for which I feel that Kasab should be given death sentence is ----His life has already cost a lot to all of us, in terms of money and man power and keeping him alive is risky as a second Kandhar case may be repeated for the demand of releasing him..Also his existence will keep reminding the loss he has given to us and will never give him back the same peace of mind. Hanging till Death will give him a pain for few minutes but surviving with such a stinking existence will be more painful to a way fair Justice(Death Sentence) will provide him the ultimate eternal peace and Rest His Allah will take care of him on the day of Qyamat.

They are calling him killing machine...a terrorist, and so many such names which describe his insanity ..and on the other hand they are showing their insane celebration , don't know what for..especially when he was just drop of the whole sea of Terrorism and even if that drop will be dried the sea will remain the same. 

9th May 2010


  1. And then there is the other side, each of the families of the 175+ dead and 400+ injured. To it is the need of a system to provide deterrence, a sense of justice, and a closure.

  2. @AnilP I guess I never justified the act of Kasab, U missed reading between the lines Anil. Nor I justified anywhere that Kasab should be forgiven for what he has done. All I wanted to say is ..Celebration doesnt mean just killing one Cancer cell when we know that still patient has to undergo a good number of Radio and Chemo therapies. The entire platform on which I could reflect my thoughts differs from the very platform your thoughts refusing to accept that. :)