Saturday, November 19, 2011

God -- A conditioned illusion !

The biggest illusion in our mind is believing "existence of God" . If something good happens its the "Reward from God" , if something bad happens "God is testing". Bad things happen to good people come under testing, bad things happen to bad people is reward of wrong deeds. Good things happen to bad people "Its their luck or destiny or fruit of good things of previous birth"........we are conditioned to associate everything with God and keep on justifying his presence without actually realizing his existence. God is just a creation of our own mind & thoughts and we mold his presence and happenings around us as per our own convenience and comfort zones. The moment we will come out of this illusion of God's fake existence in our life we will find anything good or bad happening with us is sheer chance factor else nothing good would have ever happened with so called bad people and bad with good ones. A Random but conscious thought.