Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Exist !!!

I exist in your silent words,
I exist in my noisy silence,
I exist in Earth and skies,
I exist in many brain files !

I exist, you are far or near,
I exist, its blurred or clear,
I exist, in my Presence,
I exist in your Absence !

I exist in Summer,Autumn,Spring & Rain,
I exist in Anxiety,Love,Joys & Pain,
I exist in tear drops resting on cheeks,
I exist in smiles wonderful and sleek ! 

I exist, you accept or deny,
I exist to touch the sky,
I exist, you care or ignore,
I exist to seek and explore ! 

I am the wind, I blow at my pace,
I exist, not to win the race,
I exist and I remain,
For I exist to sustain !!

Archana ~ 22-09-2013