Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Haider" - Movie Review

I have never written Review for any Movie, not even a line but daring today to write few lines when it's Haider. A classical intense presentation of various shades of Human Emotions at various phases and stages of confusions. How expressions get intense and more intense when clarity plays hide and seek, Haidar could beautifully explain it.
All the characters in the Movie could make you live the character they were playing. For few hours you are away from yourself. Tabbu and Irfan Khan have given such performances before but I have First Time seen Shahid Kapoor at his Best. Shahid could successfully melt you at one moment and left you baffled with frozen tears at another. There are glimpses of light humour too in that confused & heavy atmosphere. Only Vishal Bharadwaj has an ability to make you laugh with it's sarcasm while characters are digging the graves of mankind.
You would love the presentation and performances with fairly good direction but if you are trying to define or confine the movie in some clear meaningful social messages it would be injustice to the basic idea and the plot on which the movie was designed. Vishal Bhardwaj has successfully created the diplomatic atmosphere he wanted to create to avoid any touch of clarity in the movie and in this two and an half hour show, he could clearly focus only on confusions and their connections & impact on our behaviour and expressions.
Being from a psychology background, I would suggest parents must not expose their small children to such Violence and Blood Shed especially when it's presentation is utterly unreasonable to be understood at that young stage.
Haider can be the Story of a family of Kashmir but if you are trying to define Kashmir as a whole via this movie I doubt Vishal Bhardwaj, his intention and his presentation.
A very Good Movie to feel and understand how are we programmed to accept insanity when clouds and fog cover the Roads of Life we cross daily. 
I have experienced several shades of intensity and heaviness after watching the Haider some I could convert into poetry too :- 

"When Heaviness
gets frozen in eyes
and Heart melts
in screams
You chase yourself
walking on your shadow
speed is fast
but pace is slow
Turn by Turn
Circle by Circle
where are you heading
You don't know
A Mirage or A Maze
Of a crawling soul...!" 



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