Saturday, October 22, 2016

When stories don't end... !

When stories
don't end
neither do break
As if old leafs
refuse to shed
and new leafs
continue the chain....
of quivering thoughts....
A war of existence remain
to sustain the yearning
of burning hearts 

~ Archana

Picture Credits : Google Images


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  2. चेतना लुप्त सी, मन सुप्त सा
    जग की दृष्टि यूँ कुछ देखे
    जानें क्या वो...!
    एक हुए कर्ता और दृष्टा
    चैतन्यता से भरे हुए, निरन्तरता से सधे हुए
    उन्मुक्ति की "अर्चना" में लीन
    "When stories don't end... !" really your Quivering thoughts.