Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Story

Mesmerizing night is absorbing the moon and cool breeze is confirming its pride in her small but deep eyes. As if she is melting and getting absorbed into the sea erupted within her. It's not that something just happens, actually it's something that has to happen. That's how it is when moments start defining you the way you are, the way you have to be, a story box. Your closed eyelids often open that story box to read a story at a time and it's beyond words. It's amazing to discover a book within you, it's awesome to read one story besides the stary night. A story.....

~ Archana


  1. Amusing read. Every being is a story in many stories roaming around n unware of story with in self or not ready to take it or express as story.running after ....busy with....consumed with....