Saturday, February 2, 2013

Relations without Expectations?

I often see people coming forward with regular arguments on relationships and expectations. A common notion they come-up with is "A smooth relation survives with no expectations or least expectations." Somehow I always disagree with this concept of no expectations in relations.

 Why are people into any relationship if there is no expectation at first place ? Yes, we move with each other with certain degree of desire to satiate our physical or psychological needs or demands and if we are not meeting this purpose, there is no question of being with each other. Would we ever choose to be with someone just to be with someone by ignoring our senses? Will we happily accept the self denial? Don't we feel good if someone exactly understands our needs and demands and act accordingly? Is there anything wrong in feeling good and making others feel good? A strong need to have such question-answer sessions with an in-depth introspection and ensuring to place one's existence in a comfortable zone.

Relationships and Expectations go hand in hand. Those who claim to have a relation without expectations, live in an illusionary world of self denial. I feel Relationships without expectations are Dry Arrangements, that may sound decorative but lifeless.


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