Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dil hai Chota sa - Choti si Aasha....

 It was a cozy winter evening in Mount-Abu February 2011. I was heading towards the Sun-Set point to inhale the essence of the Mountains wrapped in chilled breeze and warm Sun-Shine. Oxymoron attracts me.
On the way I found this small girl lost in weaving colourful dreams in her curious eyes. When eyes speak we actually don't need words.
I stood still and kept watching her silently until she herself got distracted and smiled looking at me.

I warmly approached her and whispered in her ears "Dil hai Chota sa, Choti si Aasha - Aasmaano ko choone ki Aasha...Hai na?" (Small Heart with small Hopes...Hopes to touch the skies... isn't it?) and listening this she burst into the exuberant laughter followed by a non-stop smile.
Her giggles still echo in me and leave me smiling flawlessly.

~ Archana

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