Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Love Liberates

It was not just another evening. Wind was romancing with the shades of Sun-Shine that was eager to illuminate another world covering this side with deep black under the twinkling stars and fireflies. Such evenings are not usual ones when just before the onset of shadows of dark, the sky becomes crimson and she becomes pink with sparkling eyes.
"Where are you lost?", his calm voice distracted her.
"Painting a Dream ......" she smiled.
"With no Canvas, no Brush, no Colours, ....?", he wondered.
"Yes. I am the Canvas, the Brush and Colours too", she whispered ignoring the bewildering expressions growing in his questioning eyes.
She was flying with a new Dream in her eyes. He was standing alone with no movement in thighs recalling his words "Love Liberates, it never ties". 

~ Archana

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